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Instatap NFC 30mm

Instatap NFC 30mm

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Introducing our fun and friendly NFC sticker featuring the iconic Instagram logo. This awesome dome resin sticker is here to bring some joy to your day—simply tap your phone and voila! You're instantly connected to your personalized customer link. Let's blend the real and digital worlds seamlessly, making engagement a breeze. Whether you're a business, creator, or hosting an event, this sticker is your ticket to interactive marketing magic. Empower connections with just one tap, making user experience a delight and boosting your online presence. Say hello to convenience with this sleek NFC sticker, making curiosity and engagement a piece of cake. Let's make your online presence shine effortlessly with our fantastic NFC stickers! Simply share your Instagram tag, and we'll work our waterproof sticker magic for you – no need for batteries or charging. It's perfect for windows or plastic surfaces and plays nice with phones enabled with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Plus, it ships from London within 3-5 working days. Got custom requests or want to order? Drop us a message today and let's boost your connectivity in a snap! 🚀

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