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Insta Stick NFC (Vinyl)

Insta Stick NFC (Vinyl)

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Introducing our NFC sticker featuring the iconic Instagram logo and the inviting phrase "Tap Here." This innovative sticker beckons engagement—simply tap your phone and instantly connect to your personalised customer link. Seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds, effortlessly engaging your audience. Ideal for businesses, creators, or events seeking interactive marketing solutions. Empower connections with a single tap, enhancing user experience and promoting online presence. Elevate your outreach with this sleek, convenient NFC sticker, bridging the gap between curiosity and engagement.

Streamline your online presence effortlessly with our NFC stickers! Just share your Instagram tag, and we'll code the waterproof sticker for you – no batteries or charging needed. Perfect for windows or plastic surfaces (not metal), this NFC tag works seamlessly with phones enabled with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Dispatched from London within 3-5 working days.

For custom inquiries or orders, message us today and amplify your connectivity instantly!

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